From Experience You Learn

We came into a unique place imbued in history.

There we tried to recreate a respectful place of anyone history, where you can experience unconventional training based on communication best practices, which have always been a reliable vehicle to empower people, organizations and projects.

We firmly believe that practical experience is the way to convey knowledge and value, which are critical for us to grow at human and professional level.


In our premises we have set up bespoke training programs for organizations that wish to grow and challenge themselves.
Here we will talk about corporate identity, values and anything that endures in this transient world. Here we look at the past history of an organization through different eyes and we integrate it with new insights so to make any company up to the future.
Branding, storytelling,¬†employer¬†branding, visual marketing, social media, customer journey and much more: they are topical issues that loudly buzz among insiders. However, care and respect should be used when introducing them in any organization’s daily operation. And that’s basically what we do.

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