Chronicle of a day to remember: 13 April 2019

Chronicle of a day to remember: 13 April 2019

On April 13th we were pleased to open our doors to all people interested in knowing the story of the place that is now our headquarter.
This very significant day saw the participation of citizens and prominent personalities, which made us deeply satisfied.

The welcome speech was held in the morning by Lorenzo Sommariva, founder of the communication agency Quid and leading organizer of the event: “We are very glad to welcome so many guests who are interested in learning more about this place. This used to be a place where people met because they shared a tragic destiny. Today we want it to become a place to share diverse professional and personal skills”.
Also the deputy mayor Sergio Gandi attended the event and commented: “I would have come to the event anyway for personal interest, but today I’m here in my official capacity. We are all grateful to Quid that committed to organize this event and we hope it will be the first one of many more to come”.

Giorgio Marcandelli, expert historian and guide of the event, said: “I’m excited and moved. We have waited for years before we could visit these places, which had been closed to the public for too long. Today these places are spontaneously telling their story to citizens while reminding all of us that some values cannot be forgotten”.

The surprise speech by Albino Previtali, partisan and current honorary president of the association ANPI described his dramatic experience and it was highly appreciated. A moved group of people of different ages gathered around him to hear past stories from someone who had experience them first hand “.

On the occasion we use some news from the local newspaper dated 27 April 1947 – when the liberation of Italy was declared – and we asked our guests to try and experiment with Caviardage. Caviardage is a French word that refers to a creative writing technique consisting of blackening out portions of the original text to obtain a self-standing sentence with its own meaning.
We were impressed by the messages and sentences that resulted from this exercise and we decided to collect some of them to be published on a page of the same newspaper on Liberation Day – 25th April 2019.

In addition, during the event we shot some videos to document the happening and we recorded an interview released by Lorenzo Sommariva, the Founder of Quid.


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